Association Documents

Governing Docs

Makena Surf By-Laws

Makena Surf Condo Declarations

October, 2017 Condo Declaration Amendment  regarding the 5 night minimum rental and the Fitness Center.

Hawaii Condo Laws, Section 514B – This is the official State of Hawaii version and is indexed by section number only.  A more readable version by a private company can be found here.

House Rules (2020) see also Rules and Info tab above

Board of Directors Code of Conduct


Construction Guidelines and Forms (January 2024)

Laticrete 9235 Waterproofing Membrane

Regupol America Regupol Sonus Underlay 5mm Sound Isolation Membrane

Pacific Polymers Elasto-Deck 5001 HT TDS

Pacific Polymers Elasto-Deck 5001 HT MSDS

Pacific Polymers Elasto-Glaze 6001AL-HT TDS

Pacific Polymers Elasto-Glaze 6001AL-HT MSDS

Sherwin-Williams VOC Chromated Epoxy Polyamide Primer

Pacific Polymers Elasto-Primer VOC TDS

Pacific Polymers Elasto-Primer VOC MSDS COMP A

Pacific Polymers Elasto-Primer VOC MSDS COMP B

Property Docs

Makena Surf Map

Owners Amenity Survey Results 2017

Sewer Easement Agreement 2020

Workout Agreement 1988

Owner Account Docs

Managing Agent: Hawaiiana Management Company, Melanie Alexander
Phone: 808-270-3218 ext. 493 • Main Office: 808-568-3218 • Email: 

SurePay – Enrolling in Automatic Payments

Owner Change of Address Form

eStatements – Enrolling in electronic monthly statements

Insurance Docs

Master Insurance Policy

Required Evidence of Insurance Coverage

Insurance Claims Policy

Claim Reporting Procedures

Why Condo Owners Need Insurance

What is an HO6 Condo Insurance Policy

Form Docs

Letter of Authorization – Information Update

Reservation / Occupancy Notification Form

Maintenance Request Form

Nuisance Inspection Request

Pest Control – SDS

Nature-Cide Pest Management

Nature-Cide – Granular