Whats happening at Makena Surf AOAO this summer?

Soon you will notice improvements taking place at Makena Surf as approved in the 2019 Budget:

  1. The stucco on the south tennis courts is being removed and replaced. The tennis courts on the south side will be closed for construction the first 3 weeks of July.
  2. Glass railings will be installed on the A building so it matches the rest of the buildings. This could happen next year if we are unable to procure a contractor. We are now awaiting specifications to have this built. We will inform owner and agents when we schedule this.
  3. The pools and spas will have caulking, cleaning and new expansion joints installed.
  4. The Pergola at the South pool will be replaced due to possible structural issues, this also is awaiting specifications.
  5. South pool bathrooms will be remodeled.
  6. A & C building sewer lines will be cleaned and inspected. All buildings will be done once this has been performed. This will be performed regularly as part of our preventive maintenance schedule.
  7. Kaba code locks will be installed on the pool gates.
  8. The tennis courts will be improved, it is still up for discussion with the BOD exactly what will be done.
  9. Exhaust Fans will be installed in all upper floors by the end of June.

Please contact Ann if you have any questions. 808-874-0616

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