Pool Areas Project Documents

The pools project committee has provided the following materials for your review.

Dear Owners,

This is an overview of the Pool Projects. The furniture is still being reviewed but this gives a rough idea of what we are thinking to take advantage of the new space at the F pool area with the pergola gone. 

Why did the pergola have to be demolished? Because it was rotten and a safety hazard.

Why was the pergola not replaced? Simple answer- $$$ a lot of it! And by redirecting the money, we can have new and more functional furniture for BOTH pool areas. This approach will greatly improve and rejuvenate the experience of the pool and property in general. 

YES we will be replanting the area above the retaining wall with plants that will come down the wall to have a similar beautiful flora that we had with the pergola. 

Yes it will take a bit of time for the project to be completely finished but even if we decided to replace the pergola the plants would have needed to be replanted and it would take the same time or longer. 

Please trust the process!

Please use the following links for conceptual images of how our rejuvenated pool area might look:

3D Renderings, Floorplans and Furniture Ideas

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