October 2018 Managers Report

  1. Parking lots are finished!! They look great. This was a difficult shuffle, we had over 15 stored cars on property,most needed jumps, some needed key batteries, all had to be moved a total of 4 times because of the parking lots shifting and striping.  But we prevailed and saved $4k getting the seal coat done in two days rather than three!
  2. All security cameras are up now including Fitness center. 
  3. Worked with Hawaii Inspection Group on the new updated Reserve Study and it is now completed.  If you would like me to e mail you a copy please let me know.
  4. Fitness center has regular users, it’s fun to see all the people using the center.  It is definitely well received!
  5. A lawn is being thatched this month, all lawns have been fertilized and treated for weeds and pests.
  6. Had fun with the two Hurricane warnings! Believe me we have that whole thing down to a science.  The guys were awesome!!
  7. All tree bands have been replaced.
  8. Pond filter material has been changed out. The pond is doing great now that we have this down for scheduled maintenance. 
  9. Pool decks have a new fresh coating. They look great!  Great team project.

I look forward to seeing all of you during the upcoming Holiday season!  

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