General Managers Report March/April 2019

GConstruction season starts April 29, 2019 and runs through November 15, 2019 – we are looking forward to an active construction season, we have 8 units that will be doing some kind of alteration to their unit.  Please contact the office if you have any questions.

We are in the process of doing an inspection of the air conditioners on the roofs of the buildings.  You will be hearing from me if your unit appears to be in unfavorable condition, makes too much noise or just needs maintenance.

We are in the middle of having the trees on the property trimmed.  Some are being trimmed way down, to allow for additional light and to prune the trees correctly.

The Board of Directors is in the process of doing research into the rock wall proposal for Makena Alanui Road as the owners asked for at the recent annual meeting.  The BOD will be giving a report on this at the 2020 Annual Owners meeting.

We will be doing several repairs to the tennis courts this year.  The north tennis court will be resurfaced and will be closed during that time. The south court will be having repairs done to the stucco walls that are suffering from water and climate damage and will be closed during these repairs.

Landscapers have been working diligently in their areas.  Let me know if you think anything may need additional attention around your home.  Remember to recycle your orchids by giving them to the landscapers when you leave the property.  They come back each year and are beautiful.

We have placed a “Bosu ball Pro” in the fitness center as requested by the owners at the Annual Owners meeting.  Enjoy!

We will be installing a new Electric Car charging station in the mauka side of the C parking lot.  We were able to receive a $5,000 rebate from the County of Maui for this installation as an incentive!

I hope that all the bookkeeping with Associa Hawaii has been corrected and the owners will no longer have to deal with inaccurate statements.  Please let the office know if this ever becomes an issue.

The new card system has been installed at the car entry gates and is in full swing.  If you would like a card for entrance, each owner will receive 2 cards at no charge.  If you would like a remote or a fob for entrance, please contact Rebecca in the office and she will set you up!

There have been updates to the Construction guidelines concerning a new screen door and front door that have been approved for installation at Makena Surf. Stop by the office for an update.

We are procuring proposals for the installation of Kaba locks at the pool entrance areas and will have these installed once we choose the vendor.

Remember we have tennis rackets as well as basketballs to check out at the office for use by owners as well as guests at no charge.  Just stop by the office!

We have hired a color specialist to study Makena Surf, the property as a whole and suggest colors to be used when we repaint the buildings. We will, of course, be keeping all owners informed and include you all in this process.  I have worked with this person on several projects on the mainland.  Nancy Walker from F308 will be adding her expertise to this endeavor!

 OWNER STORAGE – Owners are encouraged to meet with their neighbors that are sharing storage space on the first floor of their building.  Many of these areas are in disarray and need organization and a little loving care.  Please work together to get these areas organized.  Contact me if I can be of assistance.

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