Enforcement of Pet Policy

Aloha Makena Surf Owners,

Management would like to send a reminder to the ownership concerning pets on property. Makena Surf will be enforcing the no pet policy found in the Declarations and House Rules stating there shall be no keeping of any animals on property. 

We understand that owners and employees may have fed cats found on property in the past. This past inconsistency may have aided to current issues now, but the Board would like to rectify and clarify this now. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in damage caused by both cats and chickens alike on vehicles, lanais, landscaping, and other areas. Numerous owners have asked management to take action and we will be looking into managing the feral cat population through the trapping and neutering program offered by the Maui Humane Society. Additionally, trapping and taking kittens to the Humane Society for adoption may also prove helpful.

We have also contracted with Mid Pacific Pest Control to help in eradicating the ever present chicken and rooster population as well.  We hope these steps may help address these concerns. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the management office.

Best Regards,

Makena Surf Management

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