• Fitness Center Open!

    Our new Fitness Center is open!  Early indications are that our gym  is going to be enjoyed by many! The fitness center is currently 24/7!  If you want to use the fitness center after 10 p.m. and wish to have the air conditioning turned on please call security 808-283-2862.  We will be turning it off at 10 p.m. – 7 a.m. to conserve energy.  Thank you Mark has shared some photos:    

  • Preparation for Hurricane Lane

    Staff and management are continuing preparations for the impending storm.  This includes securing all outdoor furniture and other movable items from the common areas. We are also ensuring that rental managers, owners, and staff are removing all furniture and other items from lanais. For updated information about the storm including intensity and track predictions, see the Central Pacific Hurricane Center’s page about Lane. MauiNow has lots of current local info, as does MauiWatch Local watch, warning, and evacuation information. Additional disaster preparedness information is available on this site.  

  • Sunscreen and Our Reefs

    Here are a few recent articles about how we can limit damage to our reefs by making informed choices about sunscreen. Protect Yourself, Protect The Reef!  – From the national park service. Enviornmental Working Group 2017 Sunscreen Guide –  EWG has published extensive information about sunscreen and regularly evauluates products for safety. Unsafe Chemicals in Sunscreen

  • Maui Green Sea Turtles are Protected by Law

    All sea turtles in Hawaii are protected by law, and should not be touched unless you have a permit and are conducting official research on the species. Since few visitors meet these criteria, keep your distance. There is nothing wrong with getting a good look and admiring the turtles from a distance, but grabbing the turtles, riding on their backs or otherwise harassing them is against the law. Signs of Harassment Wondering how close is too close is common for someone not used to snorkeling with these sea creatures. But clear signs will indicate if a turtle feels you are too close. Although it may look cute, when a sea…